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Inception January 1985 June 2013 May 2014 June 2014
Strategy Diversified Managed Futures Multi-Strategy Equities and Managed Futures Multi-Strategy Managed Futures Global Financial Futures (EMC Classic Carve Out)
18%/18%/25% 10%/9%/15% 15%/12%/20% 12%/10%/18%
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November 2017
$41.2 million $93.8 million $218.2 million $12.2 million

* An affiliate of Dearborn Capital Management, LLC holds a significant minority ownership interest in EMC Capital Advisors, LLC.

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EMC Capital Advisors, LLC
2201 Waukegan Road
Suite W240
Bannockburn, Illinois 60015
Phone: 847.267.8700

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